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My Secret to List Building

My Secret to List Building image My Secret to List Building

As an internet marketer it is our responsibility to create a list. Well, we can if we want to but all the internet marketers that I have come to know have lists. It is because of this that I want to talk to you about my secret to list building and why it works so well.

My secret to list building is a little bit different than what most people do. My secret is to offer a high quality E-book that you can actually learn from and then wait for word of mouth to take effect. So, why does this method work so well? The trick is to get people talking about what you have to offer and then remind them who you are.

Here is how it is done.

Step 1 – Get somebody to download your FREE E-book. If you have not done so already, then I highly recommend you do it now. Once you get people do download the E-book you will want to start marketing your name and your E-book.

Step 2 – Internet Marketing – I use a bunch of different tactics to get my name out there and some of these tactics include; blog commenting, forum posts, Facebook marketing, Twitter, and article marketing. Facebook and Twitter work the best because your name can go viral in the matter of minutes and once it does you will see just how many people want your book.

As you can see, the trick is to offer a quality product and in my case it is my E-book. If you don’t have an E-book just yet, then write one or get a quality writer to write it for you. I know that paying somebody to write for you might not seem like the right thing to do but it actually works and you may not even know the difference. Trust me, just getting a quality product out there is the first thing that you want to do.

Tips on Building a List

Stay Connected – I have signed up for many lists from some “A” list bloggers and many of them send stuff on a daily basis. Now, there are also those that only send out an email once ever few months and those are the people that struggle to get any results from their list. It is because of this that I strongly recommend that you stay connected with your list.

Don’t Spam Your List – Are you sending out crap that you know your list will not like? If so, then stop. The problem with spamming your email list is that they will start to hate what you are doing and then remove themselves from your email list. This is a problem because the less people you have on your list means the less response/money/traffic you can get from it.

Keep Building – A list is never big enough, so don’t stop building it. So many people are afraid of taking their list to the next level and having to pay the fee from the email service provider but just know that it is well worth it if you have a quality list of hundreds of thousands of people.

Give Something For Free – Yes, you gave away a free product when the visitor first signed up for your list, but now what. Are you just trying to get stuff out of your list without giving them something in return? If so, then you need to try to give something away for free and see how well that works. A lot of people do this and they offer discounts for online items, free E-books, free seminars and also gifts. You may want to try this is you are not getting much out of your current list.

So, are you ready to start building a bigger list right now?

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