Thursday, 29 November 2012

Making money with Twitter - grow your followers fast!

Why you need Twitter Followers?

Why you need to have more followers on Twitter? Simply because this number is an indicator!

Some social media savvies think that numbers doesn’t matter if it’s just numbers, what’s the benefit of having 1000s who are following you on Twitter if you don’t actually know them or engage with them. 

Some other people have a different opinion.  They don’t see the Twitter followers number as whatever number - they can see what’s beyond that; they can see the business opportunity in the followers number.

You see, my blog gets a lot of traffic from Twitter, I actually make money from Twitter. The number of Twitter followers is important in my case! Anyway, who hates to have a lot of followers on Twitter!

In my personal experience, you won’t be able to engage with 1000s of people that are following you on Twitter.  I am here assuming all of people who follow you are actually engaging with you on daily bases (this is why businesses hire social media managers).

If your case is different, here we talk about small level of interaction and engagement, with some little management you actually can engage and make use of that number. Twitter is very powerful if you focus on it!

How to increase your targeted Twitter followers fast?

I bet you would look for an easy and working way to increase your targeted Twitter followers fast.  One of the secrets that I can share with you is as follows

  1. follow some targeted people in your niche every day;
  2. some of those people will follow you back;
  3. after a few days flush away (unfollow) those who have not followed you back.
In this way the more you follow, the more you get people to follow back.  Hence, you will increase your targetted twitter followers fast.

That is why I recommend using a Twitter management tool like Tweetadder.


TweetAdder is probably the best Twitter management software out there. It’s a fast and easy way to automate Twitter promotion and Marketing. Here are some things you can do with it:

  • Laser Targeted, Global Twitter User Search Tools
  • Multiple Twitter Account Management
  • Full menu of Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow Benefits
  • Full History of Followers and Following
  • Powerful Automated Tweet Posting and Direct Messaging
  • Twitter Current Trends and Historical Trends Research
  • Click here for more
The good thing is TweetAdder has a demo version with full functionality!  Try out Twttet Adder by setting up the demo version of their application.  

The Tweet Adder demo is fully functional and has all features of the full version. However it’s only limited by using a single twitter account and limited number of follows, unfollowes, tweets and messages. After all, it will be a good start!


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