Saturday, 8 December 2012

How To Make Money From Writing

There's plenty of ways to make money from writing simple articles just like the one you are reading now. If you can write about anything, in a conversational tone, and make it interesting to the average person, you can get paid. A lot. Most people are unaware of this. But the truth is that in the world of written content, it's a seller's market.

There is one caveat. You've got to be flexible. No, I don't mean if you can touch your toes you'll get rich. I mean you've got to be flexible on what you can write about. The more flexible you are, the more money you'll make. It's that simple. If you choose to only write about the nutritional benefit of carrots, then you won't make much money. However, if you've got some decent skill, and can research something enough (Google is your friend!) to write a decent article about it, you can get paid.

How do you start? For many people, the easiest way is to simply start blogging. Start a blog, on a domain that you own. It's tempting to try a free blogging service, but you'll see why that's a mistake in a minute. On your own domain, you can start writing about anything you want. Whatever interests you.

After a while, people will come to your site to read your stuff. If you write about a bunch of different stuff, then some stuff will be more popular than other stuff. Just figure out which stuff is more popular, and write about that. Once you get some consistent traffic, you can put some ads on your site. If you get enough traffic, you can make a decent living just writing about stuff you like.

Another way to make money is to write content that people want. There's plenty of freelance sites where people show up and say they want an article about toaster ovens. You show them your blog, where you've got a lot of articles on household appliances. They check it out, and like your style. They say they'll pay you ten bucks for an article about the latest toaster over.

Do this enough times, and you'll have plenty of happy customers. The more customers you've got, the more money you can charge. Pretty soon you're selling your articles on toaster ovens (or whatever) for fifty bucks a pop. Write three or four of these a day, and you'll pulling in some mad cash.

These are just a couple ways you can get paid to write. There's plenty more where they came from!

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