Saturday, 30 March 2013

5 Ideas For How To Make Money Online From Home

Let's go over 5 ideas to make money online from the comfort of your own home. 

The task of making money on the internet is not that hard. But in reality, many people struggle to ever make their 1st commission let alone earn a full-time income online.

So in this article I will discuss 5 proven ideas to make money online and reveal how you can mesh them together into a unique online business model.

1. Affiliate Marketing - This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on the internet for beginners. You just make commissions by selling other peoples products. What I see in this industry is newbies trying to create their own products and just getting overwhelmed with all the complexities that it entails. However, when you promote an existing product online you shortcut the complicated stuff and just cut to the getting paid side of things!

2. Network Marketing - Traditional offline network marketing with old school companies such as Amway and Herbalife can be quite tricky for the beginner. However, when you take this model to the internet then you can do very well with internet based network marketing opportunities. These companies will give you all you need to succeed right out of the box including a lead capture system, sales funnel, and internet marketing training material.

3. Freelance Writing - Lots of people prefer to get paid by writing on the internet because it is more predictable income than trying to build your own business. If that is how you feel, then you are likely to find a steady stream of paid online article writing jobs from freelance websites like Elance and Odesk as well as contacting webmasters directly. There is a constant demand for fresh new content to be produced so this is a popular way to earn money from home part time.

4. Paid Surveys - This is another form of work from home job. You do not need any special skills to make money online by filling out surveys and companies are always on the lookout for people to do so. The money is low, but if you get through enough of them in a day then it can add up to a respectable amount. The reason companies want people to do these surveys is for lead generation and market research purposes.

5. Blogging - You can make money blogging by creating your own blog and publishing fresh new content to it each and every day. The key is to write simple posts that help solve problems for visiting searching for these answers via the search engines. If you stay consistent with your blogging then over time you will have a steady stream of free website traffic as a result of this. The aim is to pick out high quality affiliate programs to promote to your visitors. But the first part of the puzzle, is to get the blog traffic coming in.


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