Sunday, 7 July 2013

Twitter Followers - How to Make Money With Targeted Traffic

Making money with Twitter is not as difficult as it may seem. Your Twitter followers have to be one of a kind, and that is certainly, one interested in what you are indeed tweeting about.

The most evident way of this money making process is, by means of direct advertising. A word of caution here.. Be careful not to be qualified as a spammer, the untold rule is very simple, try the rest of the people, as you would like to be treated. Deliver content, quality content, as opposed to just affiliated links. And please, do not misunderstand me, it is OK to send affiliate links, just don't overuse them.

By making yourself an expert, or at least an advocated on whatever you tweet about, you will have tons of targeted traffic, to whatever or wherever you point your audience to, this is the key subject here, getting interested people to follow the links you want the most, which rightfully could be, the ones making you money!

Some people are using other ways to make money with twitter, some of them very smarts ones, if I can say so myself. For example, you may have a huge fan base, or if you are an authority in a field of expertise. In these cases, some people would love to be listening to whatever you have to say. Hence, you can have a twitter account with privacy settings set in such a way, that only your friends will see your tweets, and your friends are going to be, those subscribing to you! And perhaps, charging something for the subscription can be a way to make tons of money.

Ongoing seminars, for example, fall in this category as well. As you can see, the potential of this is enormous, think for a moment about this fact: every weekend, classes and boot camps are given in every corner of the world, an added value for any of those can be, subscriptions to a private twitter account.

Delivering good services, like food corners, dry cleaners, or any other similar one, can be interested in broadcasting their messages to a particular audience, for example those working, living or studying in or near an address very close to them, if you find followers in that category, for example college students, or workers of companies in that area, you can have targeted traffic for your prospect advertisers.

It is now time to start making money with your Twitter followers.

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