2. Affiliate Marketing

Your question is: "What can I do to make money from home?" Now, in today's information age and with constant access to sundry technologies like the internet there are bountiful business opportunities that will translate to boat loads of cash if you are creative enough. But because you may need this money now, here is a simple and sustainable online business model that will work for you all the time.
Promote Affiliate Products
If you want to make as much as $5,000 in a maximum of 60 days, this is what you should do.
-First, master affiliate marketing using pre-sell and review pages.
-Register a domain name. You will spend $10 or less for a year.
-Create a web hosting account. You will be paying about $10 or less per month.
-Pick up a good ebook or video from an expert affiliate marketer which will show you clearly what to do to get maximum result from your promotion efforts. Your investment here will not be more that $80.
From the above cost analysis, your total online business start up costs should be less than $100 by my calculation. With your readiness to follow an affiliate marketing guide you should be able to make $5,000 in your first 60 days. Remember too that the website and domain name you now own are business assets which you can sell for profit when you wish.
Part of your affiliate sales commission should be ploughed back into your business to increase your internet income considerably by automating some of the business processes. Definitely, your first 30 days may not have fantastic income because you are building a solid internet business. Your website need to be indexed and ranking in search engines for low competition long tail keywords which you will be targeting.
Also your back linking strategies will have significant effect after about 3 weeks. Because you have registered a domain name and created a web hosting account, you will be able to promote 3-5 complimentary products in niche markets using redirect links.
You are in for luck if you choose to promote recurring income products. That is you have the potential of earning $5,000 every month without doing further work or promotion. So the above system answers your question: "What can I do to make money from home?"

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  1. This title is absolutely wonderful, however, whenever I read information like this I feel like someone trying to explain the internet to an ant (I'm the ant) Thanks for the post anyway :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Julissa. Not quite sure what you exactly mean "an ant".

    For your information, the reason that I crated this page entitled "What Can I Do To Make Money", is part of the efforts to conduct an experiment of multi-page Google ranking with different keywords.

    This blog has achieved Google Top 10 ranking on the keywords of "How To Make Cash Money". I'd like to see how it goes with ranking on a different keyword "What Can I Do To Make Money" if I create a separate page within a blog.

  3. Dear Mr. Yin,

    I really enjoyed reading this article; for the last two years, I have been trying to make money on line, but so far I have not earned one single red penny. I created a blog called Roboman along with a number of famous website's hosts and I put a few affiliate products but two years later and not a single hit. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Hi Roboman, yes making money from Blog is indeed a long-haul game!

    There are only two things you will need to get it right:

    1) get traffic - refer to my blog posts on how to get into Google page 1 ranking on your chosen keywords;

    2) improve sales conversion. capture email addresses of visitors to your site. refer to my blog on how to build a list. http://how-to-make-cash-money.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/step-2-of-internet-marketing-journey.html

    Good luck on your endeavours!

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