Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Yes, I made it! Google Page 1 and Top 10 Ranking in 10 Weeks!

I am thrilled to share with you an exciting news that this blog has now achieved a Top 10 Google ranking and appeared on page 1 of Google search results, on the keyword of "how to make cash money".
  • #7 ranking in the US 
  • #8 ranking in the CA
  • #9 ranking in the AU
  • #10 ranking in the UK

How Can Make Cash Money - Top 10 Google Rankings

After noticing the blog site made into page 2 of Google on Sunday, I made some simple tweaks on the blog title and labels. I am pleased to see that the website has subsequently moved up its ranking to page 1 on Tuesday.  It is indeed a great feeling to achieve a Top 10 Google ranking for my blog in just 10 weeks!

It appears that one of the biggest factors in getting your site ranked on page 1 of Google is having a good title tag.

Many sites out there have their title tags as "untitled" or "home" -- that's like shooting yourself in the foot and asking Google to slap you across the face!

When you have the RIGHT keywords in the right places like your title tags, you can rock your Google rankings.

With the aid of a tool called Webfire, I can check that my blog has the right keywords in the title tags.  It also gives me confidence that I can possibly crank up the Google ranking further if I start building some backlinks - my blogsite currently has only 6 backlinks according to Webfire.

I will keep you posted of my progress and continue to share my learnings with you.

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