Saturday, 23 June 2012

My 10 Tips Of Getting Into Google Page 1

Right now, Google dominates the search engine market.  If you want the greatest return on your investment then you will need to focus the bulk of your time on Google.

In my endeavour of the past 10 weeks on getting my blog into Google page 1 of search results, I have learnt a lot and I am still learning every day.  In this post I would like to share 10 tips and learnings.
  1. Exactly how Google ranks one site over another is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the web industry.
  2. It appears that the ranking for my blog changes almost on a daily basis, and the ranking differs from one country to another.
  3. Search engines are continually evolving and the algorithm Google uses to rank sites changes constantly.
  4. I highly recommend a powerful yet easy-to-use tool called Webfire to guide your optimisation and tweaking towards getting into Google page 1.
  5. Research and select the keyword that you would like to get ranked.  Use a free tool called Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help analyse and select the targeting keywords relevant to your chosen niche market.
  6. Wherever possible, include the keywords in your domain name.  In the case of my blog, I have incorporated the keywords "how to make cash money" in the domain name
  7. Use Google Analytics or the Blogger Stats tool to track daily traffic volume and traffic sources.  I did not realise that my blog has been ranked into Top 20 until one day I saw “Search Keywords” section showing people came to visit my blog by searching Google on the keywords of “how to make cash money”.
  8. Ensure the Title and Description sections of the website to have the exact match of the targeting keywords.  In my case, I have embedded “how to make cash money” into the Title and Description sections of my blog site.
  9. Build as many backlinks as you can.  I find that this is probably not the most important determinant to Google ranking, as my blog site has only 6 backlines so far.  Having said that, I suspect the ranking will improve as I build lots of more backlinks in the comings weeks.
  10. Post relevant articles regularly, at least two to three times a week.  It appears that relevancy and consistency is highly valued by Google in its ranking.  I am now aiming to get my blog into Google Top 3 ranking in the next few months.  

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Thank you in advance for your help!


  1. This is a nice post. You've really learnt important and useful tips on how google operate,thanks for researching and sharing with us.

  2. You are welcome, Ekene. I will continue to share my learnings via this blog.

  3. Thank you Yin for the insight, this will come in handy.

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