Sunday, 8 April 2012

7 Steps to Your First $1000 Dollar Day (Do THIS Before Someone Else DOES!)

Who else thinks that earning a thousand dollars in a day is far fetched? Think you've got to be an online marketing "guru" or do something shady or unethical to make big money online? Do you believe that you need to master affiliate marketing, or create your own products or have some sort of sophisticated strategy in place to break the 4 figure a day mark?

Think again.

Just about everyone reading this right now CAN earn $1000 in one day online, and can actually repeat the process I'm going to outline below, more than once per week, even if you are a one man, or one woman shop (in other words, while you probably can't do this everyday to make this sort of money if you are working by yourself, but you CAN do it multiple times per week, and 8-10 times per month, and BEST of all, it's a strategy that SCALES very well, especially if you can hire help and find other people to help you build your blogs, and your business).

Curious to learn more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.
This process is predicated on ONE major profit principle, and that is, to REALLY earn money online, you need to create value for others.
For example, through this article, I'm trying to create value for you, by sharing information.

We have all grown used to getting this sort of value online, in the form of ideas, inspiration, illumination, etc.

Unfortunately, for most of us... this value is fleeting. (we read, we get motivated, we think about how to apply the information... and then ultimately, we forget, or get motivated by something else, and continue to repeat this "spinning wheel" cycle ad infinitum)

For this reason... information marketing, is a pre
tty difficult way to make money online. There is a lot of free stuff out there, and it has a nebulous value to most.

However... I think we can both agree, if I gave you something that had tangible value that you could measure, and immediately use to grow your business, you'd be pretty happy to pay for it, right?

So THAT is the key for YOU to turn what you know into a predictable income stream (and in this case, break the $1000 a day mark as well).
Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Research your local marketplace. Find a "hole" in a professional industry you think needs filling.

Step 2: Register a domain in that marketplace that has local appeal.

Step 3: Get web hosting for your new domain, install a blog and put a premium professional template on the site. (this entire process can be done for less than $50 if you are just getting started, and if you have "re-seller" hosting and own professional blog templates already, can be done for no new cost at all)

Step 4: Build the blog. Write 5-7 original articles with a local bent, that are keyword friendly to the geography of the area and the profession that you are promoting on the blog. This could be a dentist, a real estate agent, an accounting firm, a design company or even... an SEO or web marketing business.

Step 5: Set up a twitter account, a Tumblr account, any regional directory integration for local SEO benefits, and some associated social media account that integrate well with the site you just built. (note....A Facebook page is not really all that important here, simply because you can't really "sell" it with the site, as all FB pages are associated with a user to be compliant with their TOS, and that's you. Everything else above can be sold or transferred with the site, including exclusive access to the accounts you created JUST for this site)

Step 6: Create your value (and unique selling) proposition. Often, if you pick a good domain name, that alone has real value to a professional in your local community. Add the content, the premium design, the social media presence, hosting, and a follow up support period of 60-90 days, you can EASILY sell what you just built for $997, and it shouldn't take you more than a day to put together. (obviously you can do a lot more, and sell it for twice the price, even though it may take 3 or 4 days to get right)

Step 7: Advertise your site. Believe it or not, if you take a look at 7-10 local professionals in your market who have a BAD website, and no blog, you CONTACT them directly... can literally sell what you built by the 4th or 5th phone call or email.

The truth is, you can build your entire business around this premise (and process) and offer REAL value to people in your community at the very same time. It amazes me how few online entrepreneurs ever try this... and yet just about ALL of the big brands and agencies got their start doing something very simple.... and almost identical to the above. (and one day, maybe YOU'll be one of them!)
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