Friday, 2 March 2012

Six Tips of Getting Traffic For Free

How to get traffic to the your web site for free?  Here are a few tips:

Write short 300- to 500-word articles that provide useful tips about your chosen field, and at the end of each article, include your website address.  The idea is to give good-quality information so readers will be interestd in visiting your website.

  1. Submit an artilce in 
  2. Submit an article to
  3. Sumbit an article to
  4. Create a blog with regular update of relevant information.  Blog sie such as or are good place to start a blog for free
  5. Use press release such as to get publicity
  6. Give away a free gift especially a phiscal CD or DVD from your website to attract people to subscribe your website, and then use viral friend marketing generator

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