Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What Can I Do To Make Money?

There are four ways to make money online (MMOs).

The first way to make money online is to remember, your website is just like a traditional business. Your shop front is simply a website, that’s it. 

So the first thing you can sell is physical products. And so they don’t have to be anything special, just cameras, books,you name it, anything that people want. Physical products can all be sold from a website. They can be your products or somebody else’s.

Secondly, you can sell digital productsThey are products you can download, 
like software, e-books, audio files, and videos. Digital product is just another way for you to get information or solution. It can be your own digital products as you create them yourself, or you can buy somebody else’s digital products and sell those from your site. Either way, you have options. And people often said, “How can I possibly sell products online, I don’t have and I don’t have any product idea?” That’s okay, you can find other products which have licenses that are allowable and you can buy the licenses and you can sell the product at your site, it’s a great way to start.

The good thing about digital products is the margins can be great, as you have got very low costs. It can be a great way of getting ahead. There are so many tools nowadays to enjoy digital product; we have iPads, iPhones etc. Therefore it’s a fabulous area to get into.

The third way to get yourself online is to sell your services. Solicitors, dentists, hair dressers, all wonder, “How can I do it online? Do I really need a website?” 48% businesses in Australia still don’t have a website. It’s crazy, they need a website. How do you do that? Simply educate your market. Give away your best secrets. Create a website and that allows you then to contact people if they join your database and give you their name and email. You can contact them with special offers or about coming in to your store. If you don’t want to sell things from yourself, you can sell other people’s stuff. You can  recommend other people’s stuff and take a commission. So selling your services is totally doable online and very very cool.

The last way is simply to recommend other people’s products. You simply  make a business by recommending other people’s products. You don’t have a  business; you don’t really have anything other than good recommendation. You can recommend someone else’s software, like I have software and if you recommend someone to buy that software, you get 50 cents for every dollar I make. There’s no reason you can’t set up a deal where you send people along to their site and if they turn to a customer they give you 10-25% of the sale which can be a grand at least. It’s called Affiliate Marketing; you may have heard of it, it’s really awesome :)


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