Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Yes, I made it! Google No. 1 Ranking in 100 days!

I am delighted to share this exciting news: this blog has achieved Google No. 1 ranking on the keyword search "how to make cash money" in a number of countries:

  • #1 in US
  • #1 in Canada
  • #1 in Australia
  • #1 in New Zealand
  • #1 in HK/China
  • #1 in Malaysia

Below is the tracking snapshot of the Google ranking by way of using the Webfire software tool.

By using the same Webfire software tool, I was able to track the Google ranking changes over time as illustrated below for the locale of the US.

I am pleased to see that this brand new blog has achieved a Top 10 ranking in 10 weeks, and then No. 1 ranking in the following 10 weeks.  That's particular encouraging for a brand new site to hit Google #1 ranking in 20 weeks.

My No. 1 tip for achieving Google No. 1 ranking is consistent update of the website with relevant content.  I have been updating this site on a weekly basis, even when I was travelling overseas.

In addition, using a smart optimisation tool like Webfire has been hugely valuable in guiding me towards the right direction, and achieving the great outcome!

So folks, my advice on achieving the Google top ranking can be summarised by three words:  persistence, consistency, and relevancy.

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