Monday, 13 February 2012

Twitter for Business

Businesses all over the world have found a unique way of promoting their brand, products and services using the social media platform. Social media networks like Twitter have over the years attracted millions of followers and businesses have realized the vast potential that this medium holds for them,
It makes great business sense to promote one's brand and services through Twitter as you can reach hundreds of existing and potential customers within minutes.
First steps on Twitter
* First and foremost the company needs to create an account. You can add the logo of the company so that your customers can easily recognize you.
* You can encourage your employees to create accounts and interact with customers. Twitter followers like to communicate with humans and this will help build credibility.
* Don't just promote your business. You can tweet about interesting facts, share pictures, videos and stories.
* Ask for ideas, opinions and suggestions. You will be overwhelmed with the brilliant ideas that Twitter followers will provide to you.
* Try and follow interesting people. Make your tweets useful.
* You can tweet about your competitors too.
* Direct people towards your website and use Twitter to augment your customer service.
* Irrespective of whether you are a local store or a big brand you can create your own space on Twitter.
* You need to be patient while interacting on this amazing social media platform. Do not expect results instantly.
* Use Twitter to connect with existing and new customers, employees, critics and build relationships, which will lead to new opportunities.
* Be active on Twitter. Do not create an account and tweet once a month. You will need to tweet on a regular basis to connect to your followers.
* Tweet and re-tweet to build customer confidence in your brand.
* You can offer exclusive offers and promotions to your Twitter followers.
* Provide updates about your products and news and information pertaining to the brand.
* Twitter is the place where businesses are now choosing to share information about their companies to existing and potential customers and promoting and advertising their products and services.
* One of the biggest advantages of Twitter is that, it can be linked to other social networking sites, blogs and websites.
* Unfortunately there are many spammers, who have also started looking at Twitter as an excellent social networking tool, which can be used to exploit their business.
* The business strategy of Twitter is quite simple. The more followers you have higher will be the number of people who listen to you and as the number of people who are listening to you gets bigger, it becomes easier to spread your message.
* But this has helped fuel an illusion that you need a very large number of followers to be successful on Twitter. The answer is a big NO.
What are the disadvantages of following blindly?
* If the people you are following are not your target audience, then you are wasting a great deal of time and energy.
* Do not follow people who are nether active or responsive, this way, you will only end up following people, who could actually be spammers.
* These people do not even read your tweets; they don't care about your ideas and opinions.
* You could have 10000 followers but if 9800 of them do not share your interests, then there is no meaning to having such a huge number of followers.
* Your followers must retweet and this shows their response to your tweet. If you have inactive followers all your efforts at using Twitter to connect will fail and it is as if, you are waving at thin air.

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