Sunday, 17 February 2013

Google+ Profits: How To Use Google+ To Make Money

I wonder if Google+ will always seem like the newcomer in town.  They’re kind of like someone who moves into a small town – 10 years later, people will still be referring to them as the new family. 
But seriously – so many people are still sitting back and wondering “if” they should join Google+.  People are even angry, it seems, that they have to learn one more thing. 
While the speed of change has certainly increased with social media, I’m surprised that people seem to take it so personally when a new network comes out or one of the existing platforms makes a change.  I mean – if you don’t want to keep up with it all, you have choices!  Either stop using it (and take the risk that you will slowly go out of business) or do some homework and find an outsourcing solution.  But you don’t have to be miserable every time there’s a change!
Just sayin! 
I honestly think that anyone dragging their feet on Google+ is bound to lose out.  With the way that Google is connecting social media to so many other apps, to search itself, this is another development that will forever change the way we seek and find information online.  Honestly – I think this has all of the characteristics of being big – maybe even as big as the emergence of social networking itself.
But since there are so many who don’t understand how to use Google+ at all – much less how to use it to increase your business, I wanted to talk about a few of the ways that Google+ can help you connect with prospects and customers, boost your business and increase your bottom line.
1.     Complete your profile
This is your first step to using Google+ for business and maximizing the profits you might earn as a result of this network.  Without a complete profile, people will not inherently trust you as someone to do business with.  You’ll look like you don’t care about your own business – so why should people trust you with their work?  And, you’ll miss out on valuable networking opportunities if you don’t include things like your URL in the website section, or links to thoughtfully chosen landing pages in the “pages I like” section, etc.
2.     Business Pages
Once you have created your personal profile, take a moment to create your business page.  It is so easy to forget to do this, but even if you’re branding yourself rather than a larger business with a different name, there are certain features of business pages that aren’t available on personal profiles.   You can create as many business pages as you want to, and you can custom target your marketing efforts to various segments of your niche.
3.     Communities
Google+ communities have taken off since they were introduced!  Anyone can create a Google+ community, and this is a fantastic way to network as well as to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.  Be sure to be an active, respectful and polite participant to get the most use out of this feature. 
What are some other ways you’ve used Google+ to boost your business?  Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear!

By Kim Garst, article source:


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