Thursday, 20 September 2012

Can you double your time to make money?

We often cry for more time.  I remember that a few years ago when I finally decided I wanted to leave my job and have my own business, I attended as many seminars as I can to educate myself.

I stayed up till 1am every night reading books, and watching a lot of DVDs and MP4 files to learn internet marketing.

This media player called VLC Media Player has helped me double my time and productivity.  It is the #1 free media player, and great time saver!

VLC is quick and easy to install. You can make VLC your default media player for various (or all) file types, but if you just want to try VLC without giving up your current player, you can skip the file associations. 

The secrets of doubling your time and productivity is to choose faster speed x2 to play the educational DVD/MP4 files as illustrated below.  As such, you could halve the time to play a normal MP4 file, thus doubling your productivity.

You can download this #1 free VLC Media Player from

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